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Terminal Application
Management System (TAMS).

ITEX’s Terminal Application Management System (TAMS) software is a robust and rugged e-Commerce platform; with EMV (Euro, Visa and MasterCard) Level 1 (Hardware) debit and credit card transaction capability, as well as a full compliance with Level 2 (Software) security specifications and PCI DSS.

Based on the modular design, the platform creates opportunities ranging from integration to existing credit / debit card systems to applications like distribution of virtual insurance policies and vending electronic airtime, integration to core banking systems for transaction processing and other third party platforms for various services.

TAMS is a complete electronic commerce platform that is best described as:

  • A smart point of sale (POS) device management system
  • An intelligent application switch
  • A multi-tier distributor hierarchy management and administration system
  • An agent banking administration system.
  • Web payment & Web Merchant aggregation and Management
  • Mobile payments and wallet management.

TAMS is already integrated in into the following IN platforms:

  • Ericsson CS4
  • Schlumberger SEMA PPS (through PAMI)

TAMS has support for all SMSC servers and USSD gateways that support the SMPP 3.3 and 3.4 protocols. The server can make use of USSD sessions if supported by the USSD gateway server.
TAMS is already integrated into the following banking switches:

  • Postilion
  • TP2
  • iVeri
  • CompassPlus
  • Sahara/Base 24
  • CR2
  • Quipu

The TAMS solution includes:

  • BIN management
  • Hot cards
  • Transaction Management
  • BIN profiles
  • Host Security Module interface
  • Postilion Interface